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Taber Calibrase

Taber Calibrase

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  • Taber Calibrase


Taber calibrases with different surface properties provide various abrasion results for different tested materials and testing methods.


ISO 5470  ASTM D3884  ISO 9352  ASTM D4060  ASTM D1044  DIN 53109  NEMA


Item Detail
CS-10 ISO 5470  ASTM D3884  ISO 9352  ASTM D4060
CS-10F ASTM D1044  ISO 5470  ISO 9352
CS-10P Paper
CS-10W Textile, plastic, leather
CS-17 ISO 9352  ISO 5470  ASTM D4060
H-10 ASTM D3884  ISO 5470  ISO 9352
H-18 ASTM D3884  ISO 5470  ISO 9352
H-22 ISO 5470  ISO 9352
H-38 ISO 9352
CS-5 Textile
S-32(CS-0) QB 2726, DIN 53109, NEMA
S-35 Elastic material


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