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Suitcase Hexagonal Roller Tester

Suitcase Hexagonal Roller Tester

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Suitcase hexagonal roller tester is professional designed to determine the rolling impact resistance of suitcase and other packing bags in the transport process. The tester can provide the box rolls and impacts inside the testing cylinder or drum to simulate the real usage. The operator can check the suitcase damage state to evaluate the quality of tested cases. Suitcase hexagonal roller tester is also called as roller drop tester and roller tester and applicable for luggage and suitcase.
Suitcase hexagonal roller tester, Luggage Tumble Test Machine


QB/T 4116  SAMSONITE standard


  1. Safety shield provides reliable and safe testing environment.
  2. External control cabinet is easy to operate.
  3. High efficiency motor with low operation noise is stable for testing.


Item Detail
Diameter Φ1828mm (Φ72inch)
Depth 48inch
Rotary speed 2rpm
Barrier 3 groups of 60 angle barrier
Baffle 2 groups of 90 angle
Impact object  Cone-shaped metal
Power supply  220V 50-60 Hz
Dimensions 3000mm×1500mm×2500mm  
Net weight 1500 kg  


No. Product
0840101  Suitcase hexagonal roller tester

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