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Rotational Viscometer

Rotational Viscometer

Model :T392
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  • Rotational Viscometer
  • Rotational Viscometer


Rotational or rotary viscometer is to measure the viscosity of a fluid. Combing economy and easy-to-use, the viscometer can provide stable performance and reliable viscosity readings. Simple panel with Chinese and English languages allows operators to change the parameter easily. Widely used in oil, plastic, painting, food, coating, dyeing and other industries for viscosity measurement.
Rotational viscometer,Rotary viscometer,Viscosity test apparatus


  • Simple and easy to use interface.
  • 16 testing modes with four rotors and four speed.
  • High quality motor provides more stable performance and longer service life.


Item Detail
Measuring range  1-100000mPa·s
Rotor #1-#4
Speed 6rpm, 12rpm, 30rpm, 60rpm
Language   Chinese or English
Power supply 220V  50Hz
Dimension 370mm×330mm×280mm
Net weight 6.8kg  


No. Product
2039201  Rotational viscometer

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