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Needle Flame Tester

Needle Flame Tester

Model :F733
Responsing Time:1 Working Days
Shipping Port:Shanghai
Payment Terms:T/T, L/C
  • Needle Flame Tester
  • Needle Flame Tester
  • Needle Flame Tester


Needle flame tester is to measure the fire hazard presented by plastic materials using a needle flame. By providing the propane gas flame to the edge and the flat surface of samples, certain exposure time, the tester simulates as closely as possible actual effects in practice. The burning time, burning behavior and exposure time are determined for the flame aplications.
Needle flame tester, Needle flame firing hazard chamber, IEC 60695 test apparatus


IEC 60695 GB 4706.1  GB/T 5169


  • Touch screen interface with Chinese or English language is easy to operate.
  • PLC controller and stepping motor provide stable and precise movement.
  • USB data export.
  • Wireless timer is convenient and safe for control.
  • Standard burners can meet different requirements.


Item Detail
Height of flame Adjustable 5-45mm
Burning time 0-99.99s
Temperature range 0-1200℃±1℃
Afterflame timer 0-99h99m99.9s
Afterglow timer 0-99h99m99.9s
Timer resolution 0.01s
Inside chamber Black
Power supply 220V 50Hz
Dimension 1120mm×600mm×1020mm
Net weight 97kg


No. Product
0673301 Needle flame tester
0673302 Sample holder kit
0673303  Burner holder kit


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