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NBS Smoke Density Chamber

NBS Smoke Density Chamber

Model :F401
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  • NBS Smoke Density Chamber
  • NBS Smoke Density Chamber
  • NBS Smoke Density Chamber


NBS smoke density chamber is to determine the smoke production and specific optical density from the exposed surface of the specimens of solid materials, composites or assemblies by a single chamber test. This smoke and toxicity tester is intended for use in research and development for measuring the response of materials, products or assemblies to heat and flame under controlled conditions. The chamber is widely used in buildings, trains, ships, or other fire safety engineering industries.
NBS smoke density chamber, smoke chamber, ISO 5659-2, ASTM E662


ASTM E662  ASTM F814  NFPA 258  ISO 5659  BS 6401  GB/T 8323  IMO FTPC Part2


  • Built-in computer control system is more space saving.
  • Inside Teflon coating is against the erosion of corrosive gas generated during the test.
  • Subsidiary heating device can fit with more standards with different temperature requirements.
  • Explosion protection system provides safe testing procedure for operators.
  • Automatic pressure regulating system for chamber.
  • Built-in circulation cooling water system is easy to operate.
  • Switch for radiant heat furnace and conical radiant furnace.
  • Automatic calibration with ND2 filter.


Item  Detail
Control system 17 inch touch screen computer
Heat flux of radiant heat furnace 25KW/m2
Heat flux of conical radiant furnace 50 KW/m2
Weight range 0-5000g
Resolution 0.01g
Transmittance accuracy 0.0001%
Software  NI interface


No. Product
0640101 NBS smoke density chamber
0640102 ASTM E662 radiant heat furnace
0640103 ISO 5659 conical radiant furnace
0640104 Weighing device for MOD and heat loss
0640105 NES 711 combustor
0640106 Touch screen computer with software
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