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Glow Wire Tester

Glow Wire Tester

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Glow wire tester which is also referred to glow wire test apparatus is to test electronic technical products with regard to fire hazard is to duplicate exactly conditions occurring in practice. A loop of resistance wire is electrically heated to a specified temperature and the specimen being tested is brought into contact with the heated wire with a defined horizontal loading which is simulating as closely as possible actual effects occurring in practice. It is common method to evaluate the fire hazard presented by the samples during exposure to elevated temperatures.
Glow wire tester, IEC 60695 test apparatus,glow wire test apparatus


GB/T 5169  IEC 60695


  • Stainless steel chamber with painted coating and heat-resistance glass observing window.
  • Push buttons model and touch screen model are optional.
  • Advantaged temperature detect and control system.
  • Chinese and English indicator for buttons.


Item Detail
Capacity ≥0.5m³
Temperature Digital transmit module
Wire Φ4mm Ni/Cr
Thermocouple Φ0.5mm K type
Heating range 50-1050℃
Loading pressure 1.0N±0.1N
Running speed 10mm/s-25mm/s
Digital timer 0.01s-99.99s
Power supply  220V 50Hz
Dimension  1120mm×600mm×1020mm
Net weight 97kg


No. Product
0600101 Glow wire tester (Push button model)
0600102 Glow wire tester (Touch screen model)
0600103 Sample holder and weight kit
0600104 Φ0.8mm K type thermocouple

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