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Floor Radiant Panel Tester

Floor Radiant Panel Tester

Model :F502
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  • Floor Radiant Panel Tester
  • Floor Radiant Panel Tester
  • Floor Radiant Panel Tester


Floor radiant panel tester is to measure the burning behavior, spread of flame and fire hazard of horizontally mounted floorings such as textile carpet, cork, wood, rubber, coating plastics exposed to a heat flux radiant gradient in a test chamber. The tester is applicable to describe the properties of floorings in response to heat and flame under wind-opposed flame-spread conditions.
Floor radiant panel tester


ISO 9239.1  ISO 9239.2  GB/T 11785  ASTM E648  ASTM E970  NFPA 253


  • Stainless steel structure is corrosion resistant.
  • Controlled software with real time display is easy to use and supports different data output requirements.
  • Automatic detection and calculation of light transmittance by optical-electric module and software.
  • Standard heat lux radiant panel with 30° angle.
  • Easy to operate valve is more precise to control gas flow.
  • Self-contained air supply system can provide mixed combustion gas.
  • Safety cut out and automatic alarm system.


Item Detail
Heat source 300mm×450mm heat lux radiant panel
Calorimeter  Up to 50kW/m²
Burner  Φ0.7mm
Thermocouple ±0.5℃
Smoke measuring system Optical-electric module
Light transmittance detecting range 0-100%
Power supply  220V 50Hz
Dimension 2200mm×1200mm×2400mm 
Net weight   345kg 


No. Product
0650201 Floor radiant panel tester
0650202 Control cabinet
0650203 Computer with software

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