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Fiber Frictional Coefficient Tester

Fiber Frictional Coefficient Tester

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Fiber frictional coefficient tester is professional designed to determine static frictional coefficient and dynamic frictional coefficient of fiber. The tester with high precision force transducer can test the fiber friction factor. The software can display real-time frictional force fluctuation change curve and automatic calculation of fiber static and dynamic friction coefficients.
Fiber Frictional Coefficient Tester


  • High precision force resolution up to 0.1×10-3cN.
  • Adjustable friction effects of roller rotation and roller lifting.
  • Applicable for wool and cotton fiber frictional coefficients with different length.


Item Detail
Measuring range 0-2000 10-3cN
Force resolution 0.1 10-3cN
Force error  ≤±1%
Roller diameter 8mm
Rotary speed 0.1-50rpm
Lifting speed 2-50mm/min
Power supply 220V 50Hz
Dimensions 520mm×340mm×420mm  
Net weight  25 kg  


No. Product
2010501  Fiber frictional coefficient tester
2010502  Computer with software

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