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Automatic Colony Counter

Automatic Colony Counter

Model :T435
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  • Automatic Colony Counter
  • Automatic Colony Counter
  • Automatic Colony Counter
  • Automatic Colony Counter


Automatic colony counter is an economical and practical apparatus designed for the ordinary microbiology laboratory. It is high effective tool for colony countering work in the medical textile evaluation and measurement. The automatic type colony counter will reduce the artificial errors and provide more accurate countering results for colony forming unit (cfu) of microorganisms, single cells or aggregates during Quinn test and tests.
Automatic Colony Counter


GB/T 15975  AATCC 100  JIS L1902  EN 13795


  • Dynamic high speed CCD camera system provides accurate countering view.
  • Intelligent recognition technology of colony makes the countering and statistic results more accurate.
  • Quick and efficient image transfer interface with true color CCD will improve the experimental efficiency greatly.
  • Selection viewing area is easy and effective for operators to choose the exact view field.


Item Detail
Imaging Device CMOS with fixed focus lens
Resolution 2048x 1536 Pixel
Minimum colony size 0.06mm
Illumination Sealed chamber with LED system
Automatic colony counting Counts pour, spread plates; filters & 3M Petrifilm
Count Speed 300 per second
Selected areas Round, rectangular, semicircle, fan-shaped or arbitrary shape
Colony selection Color or diameters
Separate overlapping colonies Automatic or manual mode
Data Database for images and results storage
Data reporting Yes
Power supply 220V 50-60 Hz
Dimensions 340mm×340mm×415mm
Net weight 12 kg


No. Product
2043501 Automatic colony counter (PC mode)
2043502 Automatic colony counter (Touchscreen mode)
2043503 Computer with analysis software
2053404 Petri dish kit


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